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June Dairy Month Poster Contest

The theme of the 2024 June Dairy Month 4-H Poster Contest is:

“May the Dairy Be with You”.  


Posters must be done on 8 1/2" x 11"' card stock. Other sizes are ineligible.

This size is used because:

  • Card stock is easier to handle.
  • Once the poster is complete, it can be photocopied and displayed in multiple locations while the original is retained for judging.
  • Posters for state competition can be easily mailed, if necessary.
  • All posters submitted for statewide judging will be mailed back to unit offices following judging.

Please see the  flyer and entry form for rules, scoring guidelines,  and more information.

2024 Details and Entry form

Black sky with stars background. "May the Dairy be with You". Logo for the National Dairy Month June Poster Contest by The Dairy Alliance.


Entries must be postmarked by June 7.

  • When mailing, use a large envelope. 
  • DO NOT FOLD your poster.